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Jun 4, 2019 - To unlock a door without the key, start by jamming the edge of a credit card between the door frame and the lock. Then, bend the card back toward the frame to force the lock back into the door so it opens.
Apr 16, 2018 - Knowing how to unlock a door without a key is a nifty little trick that comes in handy in different kinds of situations. For instance, let's say that ...
Apr 11, 2018 - Most bathroom doors come equipped with one of two types of locks: Push-button and turn button. With push-button locks, the person inside the bathroom shuts the door, then pushes a button in the middle of the interior door knob. ... How to Unlock Your Push-button Bathroom Door Lock.
Some doorknob designs and configurations are more practical than others. Just ask anyone who has ever found himself accidentally locked out of a pantry or ...
To unlock the dead bolt lock (above), you turn the key to the right. To unlock the door knob lock (below), you turn the key to the left!
May 10, 2010 - You know that moment of slow motion when you realize your keys are still in the ignition while the car door is closing? If you've accidentally ...


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