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Best Reachers and Grabber Tools

Whether your strength isn’t what it used to be, you have just had a debilitating surgery, or you just need a little bit of extra help, a reacher and grabber tool can be extremely useful around the house and on the go. These tools can reach the high shelves and the low floors easily, preventing you from requiring ladders or constant bending and stretching.

Gain an extended reach of 32 inches with the Vive Reacher Grabber. This product is excellent for assisting you throughout your home, whether you need something from a high shelf or an item you dropped low on the floor.

Built to last, this reacher has been updated this year with an internal mechanism that is constructed from sautered steel wiring. Its strength can pick up as much as five pounds at once, and the frame is rust proof for great outdoor use.

The makers of this product have ensured maximum comfort and ease of use by installing a rotating rubber jaw and a contoured, padded handle and trigger. No-slip all around makes this an easy grabber to use every day.

With this product, you get a well-built, easy to use grabber that is sure to reach and hold on to almost anything you need. If you don’t need extra features but want a high quality product, we recommend the Vive Reacher Grabber for seniors who may not be able to reach or bend as well as they used to.

Securely grip items as heavy as five pounds using the Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber. This version of Vive’s grabber utilizes strong suction cups on the pincher so you can pick up slippery or glass objects with ease.

In fact, the suction cups even help you do things like change lightbulbs. Perform daily tasks without climbing on a high ladder or bending down too low.

The jaws close tight enough to retrieve small items like coins and pills. Like their other product, this grabber features a comfort grip handle that fits easily and nicely in your hand. The trigger grip is also designed so it can be hung up easily for an added benefit with storage. Both lightweight and durable, you can use this grabber both indoors and outdoors.

We recommend this object if you know you have more difficulty to grip objects that you’d like to reach. For instance, it’s perfect for seniors who live alone and need help putting dishes back or taking them down. The suction cups will ensure a steady grip so nothing gets broken, and you’ll be able to reach high and low cupboards that you’d otherwise need a ladder or further assistance to get to.

A foldable reacher grabber is a great option for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space or just enjoys convenience, even if they’re on the go. The Windspeed Reacher Grabber folds down to about half its size, making it easy to put away in small spaces and in bags.

The grabber’s unique design is meant to be more accurate and easier to manage than other grabbers. The pincher features suction cups, making it more secure to grab slippery items like glass or metal.

The high-quality makeup of this item withstands time and extended use, remaining steady and durable. There is a lock switch on the handle, meaning you can also lock items in the grabber without continuing to hold down the handle trigger, an added benefit for seniors who might have weak hands or arthritis.

We recommend this product for active seniors who would like an easy way to pick up or lift objects regardless of where they are. It can also be a great option if you’re still in the workforce and your job sometimes requires reaching high or low places, such as filing or stocking inventory at a store.

At 36 inches of professional grabbing reach, the Unger Professional Nifty Nabber is an excellent choice for not only indoor but outdoor use. The long extension is perfect for reaching high and low without hurting your back or climbing up on a ladder.

Extremely lightweight, this product won’t weigh down your arm or make you tired from use. The rubber tips on the end make it easy to pick things up, including items and debris found in your yard. Additionally, this grabber features small magnets on the end to help you pick up metal objects.

The ergonomic grip makes it great for handling and holding for long periods of time, aiding you in yard cleanup and general home use.