Having a bad room design is a now an option, with so many tools to better your home, these photos should give you an inspiration to what you can accomplish. 

Elegant dark master bedroom design with dark hard wood floor, dark walls, built-in lighting and large dark rug

For those those who are looking for a sophisticated design, these bedroom, simply looks incredible, the lights on the ceiling give it a 10/10 and not to mention how spacious this room looks. 


Modern master bedroom with wood accent wall and contemporary furniture

Here is another picture for another room, this time it looks as though it was made especially for a magazine, it is big and those wood tiles on the wall look incredible, the hanging lights also this room a 10/10 


The black platform bed has contrasting white sheets. Behind it is a wooden wall that matches with the hardwood flooring that is adorned with a modern floor lamp and a gray area rug by the sitting area that has a wooden chair.

This room looks alright, with the hard wood on the walls just like in the last photo, but it ceiling does seems a bit plain, that is why we ge this room a 7 out of 10. 

Contemporary master bedroom with small office area and sumptuous sitting area designed by ARRCC.

Are you seeing a pattern here with all these bedrooms, don't say it we know, it is the wood on the walls, this room however does have a big a door to its side, making it up for its rather plain ceiling design, this is why we give this room a 8 out of 10, wait why not a 9? ummm no, 8. 

Incredible modern master bedroom with city views

Alright, yes, we know it, this room does, get a 9 out 10, right off the bat, we have that is a correct expression, if you are the type, that wants everything open up, then this room is certainty a must, people will certainty look through those big windows, but who actually cares, right? 


Spacious white master bedroom with sofa, large white area rug, light wood floor and white ceiling and walls. I love the white wood paneling on the walls - that really makes a difference.

This room was designed just right, look at the lighting and the ceiling they do match, that is why this room gets a 9 out of 10. 

Cool modern bedroom with floating TV stand, modern black chair with ottoman and large platform bed.

This room simply looks incredible, given that it has all the right qualities like the last photo, but with the sliding crystal door, this room gets a 9.5 out of 10. 

Comforters by DSDBrands https://www.dsdbrands.com/collections/comforters

This modern bedroom is very interesting. I realize very few people would opt for this design, but it is unique in how it turns the bedroom into a stage surrounded by very cool lighting. Interesting to say the least.

Now that is sleeping in style, the room looks incredible, and it is big enough to have couches on the side, this room gets a 10, unless is not just the bedroom then the rating will severely be lower, but for now it is a 10. 

Modern master bedroom with a walk-in closet, dark accent wall, tile flooring and cathedral ceiling

Okay, now we are only picking the best photos we can find, yes that is true, because this photo looks incredible, imaging yourself waking up at this room every morning. It looks really good and that is why it gets a 10 out of 10. 

Black and white modern master bedroom with platform bed in an apartment with floor to ceiling window.

If you can't hear the passing boat at the back then this room gets a 10 however if the noise won't let you get a good night sleep it gets a 7.5 because after all we need our bedrooms to be the place to go when we are really tired and want to rest. 

Ocean view modern master bedroom with brick wall, wood floor, colorful area rug, pure white ceiling and incredible floor-to-ceiling windows.

10/10 , should we say more? 

Large contemporary master bedroom with large tufted white headboard, armchairs, desk, ottoman with white tray ceiling.


All these photos can be found at the following link 


Do you have photos of very impressive bedrooms? Share it with us below! and as always, stay tuned to our next post!